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Code of Conduct of our principles.



Customer First

We make it easy for customers to do business with Rokflo and are tenacious about meeting customer commitments.


Accountability for Performance

We commit to high standards of performance and demonstrate personal ownership for getting the job done


Innovation and Adaptability

We actively pursue continuous improvement, adapting to changing circumstances and applying new ideas.



Positive Energy

We display a positive outlook and take responsibility for our impact on others


Respect and Teamwork

We treat others with respect and openness; we collaborate and align with others for team success.


Absolute Integrity

We are committed to honest and ethical business practices in our dealings with customers, business partners, investors, communities, and each other.

BEE Policy

We are committed to the upliftment of previously disadvantaged individuals, in our own company, as well as enforcing an equal procurement policy. Long-term goals are to maintain the highest possible ethical norms and supported by leadership, motivated teamwork, a sense of urgency and excellence, with due regard to the interests of our clientele and employees.

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