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SV700 - E-Vac In Line Vacuum Units


The E-Vac pump was designed as an in line system allowing the conversion of a standard pipeline into a fixed vacuum system. The E-Vac can be fitted to a range of pipes including HDPE, Steel or even flexible Suction Hose which offers considerable flexibility. Operating on a variable range of air supplies the E-Vac can consistently deliver up to 25"hg+ of vacuum enabling the capture and transfer of most materials. The E-Vac operates at under 74 dba within 1 meter and generates and maintains high inline convey velocities. The unit can be installed with various nozzles ranging from 100cfm for viscous liquid transfer up to 280cfm at 85psi for true solids recovery. The E-Vac must be installed on a 30 degree angle or higher but becomes a virtual straight through system ideal for tank cleaning, ship hull installation or hard access sumps with variable contents.


The SV E-Vac In Line System features:


  • Fully automatic operation

  • High 25"hg vacuum

  • Can be fitted to any piping configuration

  • Intrinsically safe

  • 100% air powered and operated

  • Class 3 carbon or 304 or 316 s/steel

  • Robust construction


The SV E-Vac applications include::


  • Conveyor boot end trouble spots

  • Sump cleaning

  • Confined Space Installations

  • Tank and Pit cleaning

  • Hazardous waste recovery

  • Drilling Mud transfer

  • Open sump installations


The The SV E-vac basic technical information::


  • Height 60cm

  • Width 50cm

  • Handles solids to 50mm

  • Length 180cm

  • Weight 145 kg (319lbs)

  • Air consumption 100cfm to 280cfm @ 85psi+

  • 25"hg vacuum

  • Suction inlet and Discharge outlet: 50mm (2") 75mm (3") 100mm (4")  

  • Discharge outlet 100mm (4")

  • Handles solids to 50mm



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