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SV660 Skim-Vac


The SV660 Skim-Vac is a liquid remediation unit that allows a measured amount of the surface material to be skimmed and recovered or removed via vacuum. Manufactured in 316 s/steel the Skim-Vac is a surface stabilized mobile unit that attaches directly to an SV60 or similar and will remove any floating material or substance from a liquid surface.With only one moving part, the SV660 Skim-Vac is ideal for the recovery or capture of oil spills or nearly all types of floating debris and requires only the vacuum for operation. (No other power source is required) Available in both 75mm (3") and 100mm (4") units.


Typical Applications:


  • Oil spill recovery

  • Algae Removal

  • Surface Remediation

  • Marina Maintenance

  • Power Station Water Source Maintenance



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