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SMS Slurry Dewatering System


The SMS Slurry Management System is a fully automatic slurry dewatering system that can take both solids laden slurry or fines laden water from several sources simultaneously, dewater and deliver a dry product back into the production system. The SMS can dewater around 30,000 liters per hour returning approximately 40 m3+ of material back to belt, skip or even bag per 24hr. The SMS units were designed as stand-alone operations capable of transforming what was previously a troublesome but unavoidable side effect of mining, slurry, into saleable product exiting the pit. The benefits of employing a SMS increase greatly due to the amount of sediment removed from pump lines. This in turn significantly reduces wear and tear on a mines normal centrifugal pumps. Compact, robust and simple in design, manufactured in 304 s/steel for durability, each unit has the capacity in throughput to operate 24/7 and be totally cost negative.


The Slurry Dewatering System features:


  • Available in 3 sizes, 197 (10,000 LP/H) 280 (20,000 L/PH) and 366 (30,000 L/PH)

  • Fully automatic, silent operation

  • High 30,000+ liter per hour throughput

  • Skid fork mounted

  • Intrinsically safe

  • Low power usage 1.1kw motor

  • Available in poly coated carbon steel, 304 or 316 s/steel

  • Robust construction


The SMS Slurry Dewatering System applications include:


  • Longwall slurry control

  • Tailings and ash pond cleaning

  • Mining fines recovery

  • Hazardous waste recovery

  • Mining slurry dewatering

  • Increasing tailings dam holding capacity

  • Removing slurry hazards from work area 


The SMS-366 Slurry Dewatering System basic technical information:


  • Height 330cm

  • Width 153cm

  • Length 630cm

  • Weight 845 kg

  • Inlet 2 x 50, 1 x 75, and 1 x 100mm

  • Discharge outlet 100/150mm (4-6")

  • Handles solids to 80mm+


Other models available are the SMS-280 and the SMS-197.


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