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SV Solids Pumps are pneumatic conveying units which are capable of transferring up to 60m³/hour of any flow able material with solids sizes up to 70% of the diameter of inlet


SV Solids Pumps are not a competitor for conventional pumps; they come into their own when traditional pumps fail due to the high solids nature of the material being conveyed.


SV Solids Pumps are self-priming and are fully sealed with zero discharge, allowing for the safe transfer of hazardous materials for environmental compliance.


SV Solids Pumps are 100% air operated, relying on compressed air to create a vacuum and high airflow allowing the recovery of material up to 25 metres  (max 50m) and discharge up to a 1000 metres horizontally. With no rotating parts and no moving parts in contact with the pumped material, they are not susceptible to clogging and wear that occurs in centrifugal and submersible pumps. They do not suffer from cavitation and can be run dry indefinitely with no overheating or damage


SV Solids Pumps are designed to be easily transported and quickly deployed where and when required. Units are lightweight and fitted with either wheels or skid mounted


SV Solids Pumps have been utilised all over the world to provide effective solutions for a wide range of product transfer problems including::


  • Thickener sludge

  • Sump, shaft and pipeline cleaning

  • Tank and drain cleaning

  • Tailings and ash pond cleaning

  • Oil spill capture and transfer

  • Hazardous waste recovery

  • Drilling mud and cuttings

  • Agricultural product and waste

  • Above and below ground dam cleaning

  • Bentonite, sand and cement powder

  • Effluent and processing waste

  • Pulp and paper mill waste

  • Tunnelling and pneumatic excavation

  • Barge, ballast tank and ship cleaning

  • Wash plant and under belt cleaning

  • Under belt cleaning

  • Process plant spillage

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