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The ROKFLO Motorized Suction Head was designed to be deployed in dredging applications in a very short time with out the fuss of electrical connections. Having experience with the installation and operation of unmanned dredges, the pursuit for a simpler easier and quicker solution to dredge process water dams was sought, and with that the ROKFLO Motorized suction head was invented.

The ROKFLO Motorized Suction Head is air driven and is designed to be used with all SUPAVAC Ultra Tough Solids Vacuum Pumps therefore guaranteeing you that the slurry will be pumped efficiently.



  • Can be deployed by one person

  • No electrical connections

  • Submersible up to 5 meters

  • Acid resistant - manufactured in 316L Stainless Steel

  • Can pull a 100m long ,100mm suction hose 


  • Cleaning under cooling towers at power stations

  • Underground dam cleaning

  • Dredging of process water dams while online

  • Dredging of lined dams while online

  • Vacuuming of slurry spillage in process plants


  • Height 45 cm (17.7″)

  • Width 85 cm (33.5″)

  • Length 125 cm (49″)

  • Weight 200 kg (440lbs)

  • Air consumption option 80cfm at  87psi (38 L/sec at 6 bar) 

  • Torque 45Nm per wheel

  • 4 Wheel drive - reversible

  • Air supply connection 25mm (1″)

Suction Nozzle 1.JPG
Suction Nozzle 1 (002).JPG
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