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SV510 Heavy Duty Solids Pump

Introducing the NEW SV510 Heavy Duty Solids Pump designed to transfer up to 45m3/hour @SG1.0(198USGPM) of semi viscous muds and various materials via vacuum load or top load gravity feed.

With its ompact design and relatively small footprint, this SV510 is designed with serious performance enhancements.

The SV510 Heavy Duty Solids Pump is completely air powered and operated which renders the unit intrinsically safe with a ATEX Zone 2 & CE conformity approval rating. 


  • High volume transfers up to 45m3/hr @SG1.0(198USGPM)

  • No internal workings

  • A one man manual or automatic operation

  • Master/Slave option for 2 pumps

  • Visual indicators for easy operation and diagnostics

  • No moving parts in contact with product

  • Dual fork/crane frame standard

  • Optional exhaust air box available



  • Capture & transfer drill cuttings

  • Transfer of mining slurries

  • Thickener de-sludging

  • Mud & Tailings pond cleaning

  • Pit and sump cleaning

  • Hazardous waste recovery and transfer

  • Oil sludge & tank bottoms

  • Vacuum cleaning of barge/vessel bottoms

  • Heavy crude

  • Bulk transfer, load, unload


SV510 Heavy Duty Slurry Pump basic technical information:

  • Height 174cm (69″)

  • Width 110cm (44″)

  • Length 209cm (83″)

  • Weight 860kg (1896lb) 

  • Air consumption 600cfm jetpack and requires 700cfm  using air assisted discharge option @95psi to 115psi at the pump

  • Suction inlet 100mm (4”)

  • Discharge outlets 125mm (5”)

  • Handles solids to 70mm (3”)

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