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SV110-V Mobile Slurry and Solids Pump


The SV110-V Mobile Slurry and Solids Pump delivers over 25"hg of vacuum whilst generating high inline convey velocities. The unit requires only 280cfm at 85psi+ and can transfer heavy sludge with a high solids content at the rate of 18m3/hour+ (21m3yards). The SV110-V Mobile Sludge Pump is a vacuum loading pressure discharge batch system that can recover from up to 50 meters (150 feet) and deliver in excess of 500 meters (1500 feet) whilst remaining a one or fully automatic man operation.

The SV110-V's 100mm inlet and outlet along with its conical tank design make it a formidable tool for the removal of aggregate and mud slimes behind todays TBM's or continuous mining machines. Employed worldwide in the offshore drilling industry and ideal for the rapid recovery of large scale spills.


The SV110-V Mobile Slurry and Solids Pump features:


  • Fully automatic operation (added option)

  • High 25"hg vacuum

  • Skid or wheel mounted

  • Intrinsically safe

  • 100% air powered and operated

  • Class 3 carbon, 316 s/steel or Polyurethane Coated tanks available

  • Robust construction


The SV110-V Mobile Slurry and Solids Pump applications include:


  • Emptying and cleaning  of thickeners

  • Tunneling & TBM applications

  • Shaft bottom sump and shaft cleaning

  • Tailings and ash pond cleaning

  • Digester and pond cleaning

  • Oil Spill capture and transfer 

  • Hazardous waste recovery

  • Drilling mud and cuttings transfer

  • Transfer of mining slurries

  • Offal transfer 

  • Clearing of slurry at the long wall


The SV110-V Mobile Slurry and Solids Pump basic technical information:


  • Height 135 cm

  • Width 66 cm

  • Length 131 cm

  • Weight 330 kg

  • Air consumption minimum 280CFM at 85psi to 100psi

  • Up to 25”Hg (85kPa)+ vacuum

  • Suction inlet 100 mm (4”)

  • Discharge outlet 100 mm (4”)

  • Handles solids to 75 mm (3”)

  • Also available in Class 3 carbon, 316 stainless steel or polyurethane coated tanks

  • Skid mounted option available

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